Patrick Mahomes’ Siblings Include a TikTok Influencer Brother And Two Sisters—Meet His Family



A sports family! With his famous athlete dad and brother, Patrick Mahomes’ siblings are surrounded by athleticism all the time. The Super Bowl MVP has the most supportive family which clearly extends to his brothers and sisters as well.

The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback was born to Pat Mahomes and Randi Mahomes on September 17, 1995, in Tyler, Texas. Patrick, whose full name is Patrick Lavon Mahomes II, shares a name with his father, whose name is Patrick Lavon Mahomes Sr. . His father was a professional baseball pitcher in the Major League Baseball from 1992 to 2003. During his career in the MLB, Pat played for teams like the Boston Red Sox and the New York Mets. Patrick’s parents divorced in 2006. The champ has three siblings: younger brother Jackson Mahomes and younger half-sisters Mia Randall and Zoe Mahomes.

On her children, Randi said that their familial relationship is what the family values the most. “I am proud of the football, but the family part of it–I’m way more proud and that`s something that I definitely don`t get enough of,” Randi told Fox 4. “I don`t think it`s really hit me because he’s still my son. He is still Patrick, and my other two are still my kids. I don`t look at him any differently today than I did five years ago.”  So what do we know about Patrick Mahomes’ siblings? Read more below to find out.

Who are Patrick Mahomes’ siblings?
Jackson Mahomes

Jackson Mahomes is Patrick Mahomes’ brother. He was born on May 15, 2000, to Patrick Mahomes Sr. and Randi Martin. He went to the same high school as his brother, and like the rest of his family, he was inclined to sports—but not to the ones that his father and brother played. Jackson played basketball due to his height, which he towers over his brother. After graduating from high school, he was a marketing student at the University of Missouri, Kansas City and recently graduated in 2022. His mother tweeted, “Time flies!! Graduating college!! I’m so very proud of you Jackson!! I love you! 1st in the fam.”

In college, Jackson started off his TikTok career on the same path as his sister-in-law Brittany Matthews. As of February 2023, he amassed over a million followers with videos from his brother’s games and doing classic TikTok dances. He also started doing Youtube to create longer content. On his relationship with his brother and his social media following, he said “Do I use him for clout? No…”I mean I don’t necessarily use him for clout but there are a lot of advantages and I get a lot of opportunities by being his brother, so that’s pretty cool.”

“My whole life, it has been compared to my dad who was a major league baseball player, my brother’s in the NFL, my godfather was a major baseball player and then there’s me,” he said in a Youtube video. His branded merch includes “Unathletic” and “Jackson from TikTok” a phrase that he will never forget since he wasn’t called out as Patrick Mahomes’ brother.

Though he has a large TikTok following, there were several instances where netizens found Jackson controversial. In September 2022, he was caught on video pouring water on Ravens fans for heckling him after his brother’s team lost. “Obviously it’s something that we don’t want to necessarily do,” Patrick told reporters about the incident. “There was things said to him, and Brittany, that you don’t see kind of on the clip. But, I mean he’s been good at it, at not trying to respond to that stuff. He takes a lot and he’s usually pretty good at it. And he’ll learn from it and just try to stay away from those people as best he can.” Jackson also made a TikTok of him dancing on the sidelines, inside a specially roped-off section honoring the late NFL player Sean Taylor during a memorial game in Washington.

The TikTok influencer also confirmed that he’s supporting his brother at Super Bowl LVII where his brother will play against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Mia Randall

Mia Randall is Patrick Mahomes’ first half-sister. Born July 12, 2011, to Patrick’s mother Randi Mahomes, Mia is a sports star of her own. On Twitter, TikTok and Instagram, Randi posts about her daughter all the time and her upcoming career in all the sports she’s involved in like tennis, volleyball, football and basketball. She has even been awarded an Awesome Athlete certificate. Mia is a supportive sister to Patrick as she appears with her mother in the football stands and they take many family pictures together.

Zoe Mahomes

Zoe Mahomes is Patrick Mahomes’ youngest sibling and his half-sister. She was born in 2015 to Pat Mahomes Sr. and his ex-partner. Zoe has her own Instagram where she also showcases her sports talents. She plays soccer and basketball.


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