Patrick Mahomes Wants To See Andy Reid On Travis Kelce’s Podcast

pm and travis


Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and his brother, Eagles center Jason Kelce, have seen a massive increase in the popularity of their New Heights podcast. But Patrick Mahomes has a bold suggestion for a future guest.

On Friday, the Kelce brothers made a public call for fans to let them know who they want as a guest on their podcast. Mahomes only needed a few minutes to respond with his answer:  “Andy Reid,” Mahomes said in a retweet, referring to the Chiefs head coach.

Fans already agree that it’s the perfect choice of a guest (outside of Mahomes himself) with his tweet recording over 1,200 likes in just 15 minutes.

“QB1 has spoken. So it is written, so it shall be,” one user replied.  “How bout Andy AND Patrick?” another wrote in a retweet.  “I need a round table with Pat, Trav, Andy, Jalen, Jason and Sirianni,” a third suggested.

It’s true that Mahomes himself has yet to make his debut on the show. Clearly it’s not that difficult for him to do so this season given that Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts did so just a few weeks ago.   Who would make a better guest on New Heights: Andy Reid or Patrick Mahomes?


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