Patrick Mahomes’ Wife Brittany Gets Roasted Back by NFL World After Her Attempt to Join the Public Chastising of Southwest Airlines


Brittany Mahomes has become the unfortunate target of harsh fans on Twitter once more. On different occasions, she has been roasted by the NFL world for the things she has said while Patrick Mahomes has been playing. However, this time, the influencer is getting trolled on Twitter for another reason.

Brittany took to Twitter to complain. There have been some systemic failures happening at Southwest Airlines, and Brittany took to Twitter to talk about it. Twitter has been abuzz with complaints about Southwest Airlines. However, when Brittany tweeted her concerns, NFL fans had a visceral reaction to her words.

Twitter roasts Brittany yet again

Brittany Mahomes became the butt of the joke once again after her tweet against Southwest Airlines. Fans were almost eager to roast Brittany after her comments on Twitter. However, her comments weren’t even as bad as she just questioned what happened with their timings during the holidays.

A fan blatantly just indicated that this shouldn’t be Brittany’s concern.

Another fan questioned her motives to care about such a matter.

There were comments about how the entrepreneur was just being self-centered.

Furthermore, there were comments snarkily asking why she has reason to ask such questions.

There were also sarcastic comments about Brittany and her family traveling.

Another sarcastic comment mentioned her motherhood and how she might be asking obvious questions.

There were fans who had some rude comments as well.

Furthermore, there were rude comments questioning her basic education.

However, there were some fans who felt that the comments were unwarranted.

All in all, Britanny got trolled by a lot of NFL fans for asking a simple question. There was no actual need for such rude responses but as per usual, some of the fans had something rude or snarky to say to her. However, this was not the first time the Mahomes’ mama bear has been trolled on Twitter for asking a simple question.

Wife of Patrick Mahomes: The target of trolls

This is not the first time Brittany Mahomes has been trolled like this. The entrepreneur has been blasted on Twitter multiple times before for asking simple questions. Brittany once put up a simple tweet asking about where she can buy a rug. However, the ‘soccer’ wife was trolled heavily by fans. She has been trolled several times after that as well.


Brittany has been the target for fans quite a number of times. However, she does not back down from expressing herself on Twitter. Furthermore, she also openly voices her support for her husband when he is playing his games. The only question is, why is Brittany always the target of the fans’ ire?


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