Patrick Mahomes’ Wisdom for Brother Jackson Mahomes From Previous Embarrassing Incident Reverberates as Arrest News Takes Over: “He’ll Learn From It”

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Patrick Mahomes has been the NFL’s golden boy. He has been the MVP, and he has been the Super Bowl MVP. Furthermore, Mahomes has been the kind of quarterback and athlete everyone wants to look up to. However, his family is a different story. There have been rumors and incidents that have cropped up about his brother, Jackson Mahomes. There had previously been a lot of rumors about Mahomes’ younger brother.

One such time, there was a video of Jackson Mahomes that went viral. It involved an altercation with a fan at a game in Baltimore. When the video of such a tangle went online, the superstar QB addressed it.

Previous words of Patrick Mahomes about his brother’s words

The star quarterback had once spoken about his brother’s behavior after a particular video went viral. The video involved Jackson Mahomes throwing a lot of water at a fan. This came after the Chiefs ended up losing to the Ravens. Jackson throwing the water was a response to a Ravens’ loyal fan heckling Mahomes’ family after the loss.

During the post-game conference of that game, the quarterback spoke about the kind of comments his brother and his wife have had to face. He also mentioned how his family has been resilient against the way they have been spoken to. Furthermore, he said, “He’s usually pretty good at it and he’ll learn from it and just try to stay away from those people as best he can

There were not the only times Mahomes’ brother has come into the spotlight for his words and actions. There have been number of times that Jackson has made headlines because of his actions.

What are Jackson Mahomes’ past shenanigans?

Jackson Mahomes has been in the crosshairs of multiple encounters wherein he has been ostracized by the NFL community. First came the time he threw water on a Ravens fan. After this came the time Jackson caused an outrage after he was caught dancing over the memorial of football legend, Sean Taylor. There was also a time when there was a social media altercation with a small, local bar in Kansas City. All in all the young Mahomes brother has been getting into several controversies.

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Furthermore, with the latest controversies that have been cropping up about Jackson Mahomes, Patrick Mahomes’ statement about this brother might not have aged well. It only remains to be seen what Mahomes will say about his little brother’s most recent accusations. Any guesses?


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