“Please Listen to Truth”: Patrick Mahomes’ Mother Pleads With Him to Be Wary Following Agent’s Cryptic Monologue

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Patrick Mahomes has cultivated a powerful reputation on the field. With two Super Bowl championships in his arsenal, the QB is on his way toward building a dynasty. However, the Chiefs star is beloved off the field as well. The father of two has also garnered a ‘family man’ reputation and has stayed out of controversy, letting his performance on the field do all the talking. But, despite the stardom, Mahomes still finds himself on the receiving end of his mother’s words of wisdom.

Randi Mahomes is undoubtedly a proud parent. Married to a former MLB pitcher, she was aware that her son would inherit his father’s athletic prowess. However, even though the Kansas City star is a fully grown man who has left the nest, Mrs Mahomes won’t be stopped from pointing him in the right direction. And a recent tweet from Randi in response to her son’s agent proved the same point.

Patrick Mahomes received an unusual request from his mother

Patrick Mahomes’ agent Leigh Steinberg is quite the orator on social media. His most recent video as part of a Twitter series titled ‘Wednesday Wisdom’ delved into the subject of avoiding conmen.

A part of his monologue said, “So one of the things you can do is when something sounds too good to be true and the person presenting it sounds the same way, do some research, look into their background, see other projects that they might have been connected to, or understand who their friends are.” The NFL agent also explained how some individuals seem non-threatening and eventually show their true colors. But that’s not the surprising part.

Patrick Mahomes’ mother Randi quote tweeted Steinberg’s video with a surprising statement. Tagging her son, she said, “@PatrickMahomes please listen to truth.” However, the tweet has been removed now. Celebrities don’t often air out dirty laundry intentionally. And to add to the intrigue, Mrs Mahomes made another tweet about the video. Here’s what she said.

What’s going on with the Mahomes family?

Patrick Mahomes hasn’t openly admitted to being a victim of any sort of scheme. Therefore his mother’s recent tweets may stir some curiosity among fans. If tagging her son and pleading with him to “see truth” wasn’t ominous enough, Randi Mahomes also revealed that she was familiar with the kind of situation Steinberg was referring to.

She said, “Thank you Leigh! Great wisdom. Personally understand this sadly all too well.” While the Mahomes family has been surrounded by controversy because of the QB’s younger brother Jackson, Randi Mahomes’ cryptic tweets have brought an added layer of intrigue to the situation. Will fans be made aware of the supposed problem? As of now, it is something that cannot be determined.


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