“Praying…”: Patrick Mahomes Shocked, Josh Allen in Tears As ‘Critical’ Damar Hamlin Battles For Life

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Damar Hamlin has the entire NFL world on their knees, praying for a miracle. The 24-year-old safety’s condition has fans and players waiting on news of his condition. Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills helplessly watched the scene in absolute shock and horror.  In a scary incident unlike anything before, the NFL world witnessed the scene unfolding before them.

A devastated Bills squad stood guard around Damar Hamlin

A visibly distressed Bills squad witnessed Damar Hamlin get intense CPR after he collapsed on the field. Hamlin tackled Bengals receiver Tee Higgins, got up, and then suddenly crumpled to the ground. The safety received medical care with his team surrounding him, almost like a wall of protection. The emotion on their faces was clearly evident. After CPR was administered, the safety also looked like he was receiving oxygen. Bills staff supported Hamlin’s head as he underwent medical care.

Hamlin was taken away in an ambulance. Emotion poured out from the Bills’ sideline as the squad knelt in solidarity on the field, in a circle. The game between Buffalo and Cincinnati was suspended. A statement from Roger Goodell confirmed that Hamlin is in critical condition. Across the NFL world, devastated fans and players sent out their thoughts and prayers.

The NFL world comes together in solidarity for Hamlin

The NFL world flooded Twitter with messages of support. Fans and players alike came together in one accord to pray for the well-being of the talented 24-year-old. Denver Broncos QB Russell Wilson stated that he was praying for Hamlin.

Pat McAfee expressed his disbelief regarding the situation

Ravens QB Lamar Jackon joined in to send his best to the safety

Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes pleaded-

MLFootball reported the status of the players on the field

The updates from the league continued to alarm fans as the situation escalated.

Visibly shaken Bills players consoled each other. Bengals QB Joe Burrow comforted a distressed-looking Allen. Words cannot describe the pain of watching a teammate and friend suffer in such a manner. The NFL world will hold Damar Hamlin and his family close to their hearts while anticipating news of the safety’s status.


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