Roger Federer’s Mother Had an Effortless Reply to Tabloids Calling Her Son ‘Blubberer’ for a Weird Reason

federer in tears


Swiss tennis maestro Roger Federer recently bid farewell to professional tennis. His last match in the Laver Cup was among the most emotional moments in tennis history. While fans cried along with Federer and Nadal as he played his last match, the media joined in and bid him an emotional farewell.

However, back in 2003, the Swiss legend’s showing of emotions was seen as a sign of weakness. While Federer has always shown his emotions, British media used to mock him for it. Here’s what happened.

When British media mocked an emotional Roger Federer

It happened in 2003. Roger Federer won the first Grand Slam title of his career. The Swiss legend defeated Australian tennis star Mark Philippoussis in the final. As it was his first Grand Slam title, it was an emotional moment for Federer.

roger and parent

While the Swiss maestro showed his emotions after the victory, the British media used it to make fun of Federer. Here’s what Federer wrote about the incident in his book.   “It’s Roger Blubberer,” read the headline in the Daily Mirror. “We all cry easily in our family,” Federer’s mother said.

Speaking about the incident, ever so humble, Federer said that he could have done without quite so many “crying pictures.”  He further added, “Maybe a few more with the trophy would have been good.”

Whatever way they portrayed it, we know Federer is a gem of a person. While many see a male player crying as a sign of weakness, Federer’s emotions are just proof of the legend being a pure soul.

When Federer was inconsolable after the untimely demise of his first coach

Today we all know Roger Federer and his emotional side. At a mere 20 years of age, the Swiss maestro had to go through a massive heartbreak. His first coach and good friend Peter Carter passed away in a car accident. Federer was reportedly crying and was inconsolable. As Darren Cahill recalled, he asked Federer to make his mate proud with his achievement in tennis.


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