‘Scared’ Coco Gauff Opens Up About Surreal Emotions After a Career-Defining Victory Over Venus Williams at 15 – ‘Never Looked At..’

Coco Gauff & Venus Williams


It’s a dream for athletes to play against or with their idols. However, it’s surreal when, in the very first instance, they defeat them. A similar thing happened with the young Coco Gauff when she was just 15 years old. During the Wimbledon championships 2019, the young American tennis sensation defeated her idol, Venus Williams; after getting through the initial rounds.

Recently, the 18-year-old indulged in a talk, where Gauff opened up about her emotions after she overpowered her idol. Consequently, the aftermath of her terrific win brought the teenage sensation into the limelight. And since then, Gauff’s career has continued its upward trajectory.

What did Coco Gauff feel, after getting better off, of her idol and American tennis legend?

Coco Gauff describes her ‘crazier’ win over Venus Williams

Nobody expected that a young teenager would close the door for a 5-time Wimbledon champion in the 3rd round of the Wimbledon Championships back in 2019. However, it did happen, as Coco Gauff outclassed Williams to advance into the 4th round.

Recently, during her talk with a young Youtube influencer, the World No. 8 opened up about her Wimbledon journey in 2019. The young influencer asked Gauff about the lead-up to the court during her match with Williams.  The 18-year-old tennis prodigy described her whole Wimbledon trip as crazy. As she got to know about her wildcard entry at the last moment.

She said. “It was really crazy, first the fact that I even got the wild card was a crazy thing. We found out last minute, and the fact that I actually got through qualifying was another crazier thing.”  If getting a wild card was crazy and winning through a qualifier was crazier. Then defeating the American tennis legend certainly lies in another league.

As she further detailed her encounter with Venus on-court, “then I pulled Venus Williams, was even another crazier thing. And honestly, I didn’t realize that I was about to play with her. It all felt like a dream until when we were walking through the corridor.”

And that’s when reality hit her, as she explained “… And then I was like wow, this is really about to happen and in the whole match, I never looked at the scoreboard. Because I didn’t want my mind to know that I was playing Venus Williams… I really think about the match point when I realized, oh my god, I just beat Venus Williams.”  Well, some encounters define the whole trajectory of an athlete’s career. And it certainly did shine for Coco Gauff, as the World No.8 contested for the Grand Slam title at Roland Garros!


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