See How Joe Rogan Talked About Brittany Mahomes Celebrating Her Husband’s Wins

Joe Rogan


Joe Rogan is famous around the globe for his most-heard podcast show The Joe Rogan Experience on the streaming platform Spotify, apart from being a UFC commentator. One good thing about his podcast is that Rogan displays a very unfazed attitude and speaks his mind without fear of consequences. Now, for this, the UFC commentator has suffered a backlash several times. But, it didn’t change the podcast host, and he continues to do the same. Apparently, Rogan’s millions of fans around the world also like this attitude.

Recently, while showing these same characteristics, Rogan took a subtle dig at famous NFL player Patrick Mahomes’s wife Brittany Mahomes for her behavior after Kansas City Chiefs’ victory.

What did Joe Rogan say about Brittany Mahomes and Patrick Mahomes?

Joe Rogan on the #1946 episode of The Joe Rogan Experience had Shane Gillis, Mark Normand, and Ari Shaffir, fellow standup comedians as his guest. The trio and Rogan talked about a variety of topics in the three-hour-long episode.  It was then that they stumbled upon the topic of Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback. The Chiefs recently defeated Cincinnati Bengals to win the Vince Lombardi trophy for the second time in 4 seasons.

Many largely lauded Patrick Mahomes’ performance in the game. However, this wasn’t the point of discussion on the JRE show. Instead, Shane Gillis told Rogan about Patrick’s wife’s celebration after the game, and they watched a video of the same.  Watching Brittany Mahomes celebrate her husband’s wins with such enthusiasm, Rogan responded by taking a sneaky dig at her.

“Whoa, Jesus! Promise they keep that same energy when you get divorced. They come after you. They come after you with that same energy,” he said.  Although Rogan’s comments might sound a bit over the top to many people, Brittany Mahomes isn’t new to them. She has several times suffered resentment from fans in the past for her antics.



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