“She Could Tell at Just Seven Years Old That Patrick Was Destined…”: Mother Randi Had Two Things to Worry About Patrick Mahomes as a Child

randi mahomes and her children


Patrick Mahomes has undoubtedly etched his name on the echelon of talented quarterbacks in the league. And his type of talent comes along very rarely. Mother Randi knew that her son was always meant for greatness. However, she still had to be mindful of a couple of things.

In his book, ‘Patrick Mahomes: The Amazing Story of How Patrick Mahomes Became the MVP of the NFL’, sports author Jackson Carter delves into a mother’s mind that prioritized a college degree over Patrick’s full attention on the football field.

Two things Patrick Mahomes had to be careful about

Patrick Mahomes showed supreme heroics on the way to the Vince Lombardi Trophy season. The three-sport athlete in college always envisioned himself in the pro leagues. With an MLB pitcher father in the house, the baseball tendencies had to rub off. But Randi Mahomes knew that more than the sport, it was her son’s mental makeup that needed nourishing.

Most importantly, young Patrick’s ego and game mindset. “He did well. And she knew that she would need to act now in order to maintain that humility that she hoped he would carry with him in the future. She helped to raise him with modesty in the way that he behaves both on and off the field,” Jackson Carter wrote in the book.

Patrick has certainly imbibed the characteristics that were so important to his mother. Not one to trash talk, Patrick Mahomes lets his actions do the speaking. And he dealt with the Cincinnati Bengals trash-talking ahead of their AFC Championship game, in a classic Mahomes fashion. He had Travis Kelce shouting “Burrowhead my a**” during the press interview, but Patrick remained composed and humble. The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback also slammed the Bengals’ cigar celebrations, saying that he simply didn’t have a stogie with him.

Randi also wished for her son to complete college

Patrick Mahomes Sr. entered the Major League right out of high school and Randi Mahomes also never got the opportunity to complete her graduation. However, the couple didn’t want this for their son Patrick, giving him all the avenues possible to choose from.

“She could tell at just seven years old that Patrick was destined for the pros. But she still had hopes for him that he would have more opportunities academically than she or Pat did. That dream was always on the list as well as his ability to stay grateful for where he came from,” Carter wrote.

Patrick listened to his mother, attended college at Texas A&M, and almost won the Heisman Trophy before joining the NFL on his historic journey. And safe to say, his ego and his championship mindset have also been taken care of on the way.


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