Simone Biles Left in Awe of 9-Year-Old Fan’s Breakfast Routine


Gymnastic legend Simone Biles has several brand endorsements and often promotes various products. However, her feature on the ‘Wheaties’ cereal box might be the Olympian gymnast’s most special deal ever. Recently, a father tweeted an adorable picture of his 9-year-old daughter having breakfast while chatting with her favorite gymnast. The tweet has also left the star gymnast in awe.

But how did this sweet conversation take place? And did Simone Biles react to it? Let us find out.

Breakfast with a champion for this young fan

As excited as Biles was to feature on the Wheaties cereal boxes, a fan has once again made the gymnast happy about this deal. A couple of days ago, Twitter user Jody Brown posted a cute picture of her daughter having pancakes for breakfast while talking to her favorite athlete Biles’s image on the Wheaties box.

In the tweet, Brown wrote, “My 9 yr old is such a fan. She not gonna eat the cereal at all. She had a whole conversation with the Olympic #GOAT while eating pancakes! @Simone_Biles” After noticing this adorable tweet, an awestruck Biles retweeted it with white hearts.

In the comments, Brown further mentioned that his daughter promised to never eat the cereal, and chatting with Biles’s picture on the box is becoming a daily breakfast routine. The young Biles fan has unlocked a new way of staying motivated and connected to her idol.

The kid’s excitement of finding her the gymnastics GOAT on the cereal box is similar to what Biles displayed when she signed the agreement with Wheaties.

Throwback to Simone Biles and Wheaties deal

In June 2022, during Wheaties’ 100th anniversary, the cereal brand signed a deal with the US gymnast Simone Biles. This deal meant Biles had joined a list of prominent athletes like Serena Williams, Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, and others. In her announcement video, Biles seemed super excited to feature on the famous orange box and become a part of the “unique club”.

Featuring athletes on the cereal boxes is one of the common ways of marketing in the US, and due to its signing of top-class athletes, Wheaties is the most known cereal brand in the country.


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