Six Years and Two Super Bowl MVPs Later, Patrick Mahomes’ Unbelievably Inspirational Letter Resurfaces on Draft Day 2023

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Patrick Mahomes made his entry grand and presence inspiring. Of course, no one could deny it. Patrick Mahomes wrote an inspirational open letter which was published on the morning the NFL draft 2017 was to begin. And the letter resurfaced on draft day 2023, after a recent post on social media. The letter shared a view that Patrick Mahomes was never going to fail, he is a footballer and ready to do his job on the field.

Back to the days when Kansas City Chiefs and head coach Andy Reid selected Patrick Mahomes as the 10th overall choice in the draft. Despite being the second quarterback chosen, where he took the league by storm in only his second season, he earned himself the title of league MVP after putting up one of the most spectacular seasons by a quarterback in NFL history. That day, and today, Mahomes won 2 Super Bowl MVP titles in just 3 appearances. That’s how Patrick Mahomes is proving every single word written in the letter. Let’s dive to the letter and decode the key to his success.

Inspiring open letter by Patrick Mahomes

In his letter, Patrick Mahomes expressed his imperfections as a football player and acknowledged that football is not always perfect. Despite imperfections, Mahomes talk about his sincerity and accountability for his mistakes on the field. He hopes the scouts looking at his tape notice that he is more than just a quarterback with a big arm. “I’m a football player. And I’m ready to do the job as your quarterback,” Mahomes wrote.

As Mahomes was approaching the NFL Draft, he is motivated to show the world his potential. He acknowledged the critics, “I’ve heard all the pundits raising doubts as to what I can do. “He plays in the Air Raid offense. Can he take snaps under center? What about audibles?” “Does he really have the discipline to make it as a quarterback in the NFL?” Everything that critics want to knock me on, I know I can fix with hard work. I am not a project quarterback.”

However, Mahomes was confident that he can fix any criticism through hard work and he did. Also, Mahomes felt proud of his college stats, where he improved in every major category each season, which he should be. At that time he understood well that in order to make an immediate impact in the NFL, he must continue to improve every day, every practice, and every snap. Mahomes is determined to put in the hours to master his team’s playbook and get every detail right.

Ending the letter with inspirational lines, “I’m ready to start the journey to a championship. And, more than anything else in the world, I’m ready to suit up and play some football. The sooner we can get to it, the better. Just wait until you see me in the huddle.”

Mahomes remains confident in his abilities and hard work. No doubt, coming season, we are going to indulge in many great performances but the NFL world will always look at him with hopeful eyes. With his inspiring words, Mahomes shows us that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible.

Fans got emotional

As the open letter brought up so many things about Patrick Mahomes’ journey, fans shared several perspectives on how they got indulged with his letter. So, it’s not worth leaving those reactions unread.

Fans showed their emotions as “That letter made me emotional and grateful that we have Patrick Mahomes at QB”.

Another said, “6 years later, the idea of Mahomes being a “project quarterback” and having to defend that narrative is…mind blowing”, which tells how visionary Mahomes is, and how being visionary helps you find your way.

One fan said, “No lies detected,” which everyone will agree with.

And, don’t know how many times, fans shower their priceless love innocently as, “Love you!“.

Fans will remain fans. Patrick Mahomes’ open letter has not only shed light on his personal journey but also resonated with his fans on a deep level. From emotional reactions to expressions of gratitude and admiration, fans have shared their perspectives and appreciation for Mahomes’ talent and vision.


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