“So Excited to Spoil and Love”: Simone Biles Welcomes Baby Biles to Her Family


It’s an early Christmas blessing for the Biles family. Simone Biles and her family are over the moon as a baby girl, Ronni joins them. After all these years of perfecting the role of a daughter, gymnast, friend, and fiance, Simone finally gets to step into the shoes of an aunt. With the existing list of responsibilities, the 25-year-old bride-to-be has got more duties added to her list.

2022 has been going great for Simone, be it getting engaged, her fiance Owens having a good NFL season, best friend joining the ‘fiance club,’ or brother Ron becoming a father. For Simone and her family, the reasons to celebrate keep rising.

Simone took to her Instagram stories to introduce the tiniest Biles member to her 6.7 million family. Sharing the adorable picture of the newborn, the gymnastics maestro wrote, “my perfect little niece.” Simone also extended her wishes to new parents Ron and Sammi.

As baby Ronni Louise Biles slept peacefully in her cradle, the proud aunt confessed, “so excited to spoil & love you.” The news of Ronni’s birth was also shared by her parents. Now, with the baby girl officially joining the family, the fun for this year’s Christmas is going to double for the Biles family!

Simone and her love for baby Ronni 

Last month, as Simone and her family came together to celebrate Sammi’s baby shower, her excitement was visible. Friends and family were all gearing up to welcome the new member. Back then, aunt Simone shared some pictures from the baby shower and proclaimed her love for her future niece. She wrote, “baby girl is already so loved.”

Now, with Ronni joining the family, she is officially the ‘baby biles.’ It’s only a matter of a few more years before the fans see the aunt-niece duo together performing tricks at the vault. Also, with Simone’s wedding coming up, hopefully, fans will get to see baby Ronni play a major role during the ceremony.


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