Stefon Diggs Brutally Honest on Bills Playoff Failures: ‘It Doesn’t Make Sense!’

Stefon Diggs


The expectations in Orchard Park are different, and Buffalo Bills receiver Stefon Diggs recognizes it.

Buffalo Bills receiver Stefon Diggs has proven he’s not one to hide his emotions.  Whether it’s unwavering happiness following a win or angrily storming out of the Bills locker room following a disappointing playoff loss to the Cincinnati Bengals, he’s made it clear he won’t apologize for anything.  But hiding his confusion hardly appears to be on the agenda either.

During a recent appearance on HBO’s “The Shop,” Diggs opened about his bewilderment with Buffalo’s lack of recent playoff success, clearly showing that it’s something that eats at him constantly.  “It doesn’t make sense,” he said. “I will rack my brain with this (expletive) at this point.”  Since Diggs arrived in Buffalo in 2020, the Bills have never finished worse than the AFC Divisional round. It’s the kind of postseason success that many teams would kill to have a chance for.

But the expectations in Buffalo are different, and Diggs recognizes it. The talent level in Orchard Park is off the charts, so what’s going wrong?  “I think it’s more execution than anything,” Diggs said. “(It’s) small little pieces on why (expletive) is not going right. You can rack your brain, we got the players, we got the plays, why (expletive) ain’t coming together?”

Diggs’ answer is a refreshing one, as it shows his human side as someone that feels a bit helpless despite giving everything toward one goal. Other big Bills names like quarterback Josh Allen and coach Sean McDermott may have given a similar, but less descriptive answer despite showing their own frustrations in the past.

But interviews with Diggs this offseason continue to provide a different perspective while proving how bad he wants to be great, even if he’ll drive himself insane along the way.


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