Steph Curry Confirms Viral Shooting Video is Fake

curry alone


After a tough loss to the Indiana Pacers on Monday night, in what was by far Steph Curry’s worst game of the season, the superstar point guard joked that he used up all of his makes in the viral full-court shooting video that was uploaded by Sports Illustrated. Curry confirmed the video was fake, but had some fun with his answer, saying he will still let people be their own judge.

“I’ll let them be the judge of that, but it’s an ultimate compliment to probably be amazed by it, but not think it’s outlandish and that it could be real,” Curry said. “But we had some fun with it. The Sports Illustrated team coming with some heat. I did make two of them, just in case anybody was wondering.”

While he did not actually knock down five-straight full-court shots, Curry did knock down a pair, and the video editors did the rest. Curry was able to have some fun with reporters, even after a tough loss, which is always nice to see.

Steph Curry is correct that it’s a major compliment for anybody to believe such a shooting display was possible. Klay Thompson said the same thing, saying it proves Steph is the greatest to ever shoot it.

While the video was not real, it was a lot of fun, and only Steph Curry could have made it believable.


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