Stephen Curry And Steve Kerr Details Emotions After James Wiseman’s Warriors Exit

James Wiseman

In 60 games for the Warriors over a season and a half, Wiseman averaged only 18.3 minutes a game, but doesn’t mean that head coach Steve Kerr wasn’t sorry to see him go.

“It’s hard on a personal level, because of our affection for James, and the talent level. I was all-in on taking James when we did, I was part of the group, and loved the ability, loved everything we saw,” Kerr told reporters at a February 13 press conference. “You can’t always foresee the circumstances. At the time we had the worst record in the league, Klay had just torn his Achilles. We didn’t really know where we were as a team. Frankly, we didn’t know we would win a championship just a year and a half later. I think the important thing … is in this league, and in all sports, you have to move forward. You can’t look back. You have to move forward and make whatever moves that are necessary to allow you to succeed in the present state of the team and going forward.”

Stephen Curry Discusses James Wiseman’s Trade From Warriors

Kerr wasn’t the only one who had great things to say about Wiseman after the trade. Warriors star Stephen Curry shared some praise for his former teammate, saying that he’ll be rooting for him down the line.

“We all love James, like that’s the biggest thing,” Curry told reporters after the Warriors’ 135-126 win over the Washington Wizards on February 13. “It’s a guy you root for. It’s a guy that you know will be able to figure it out. It’s a guy that approaches each part of his job the right way, has a great attitude considering everything he’s been through and the expectations around him and the conversations around him. A lot of confidence that he’ll be around this league a long time. I don’t know what his ceiling is, [but] it’s a guy I want to see figure it out and have an opportunity.”


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