Texans Owner’s Wife’s Treatment Of Deshaun Watson Goes Viral (Video)

Deshaun Watson


The Houston Texans fell to the Cleveland Browns this past weekend. With the loss, they are now 1-10-1 on the year.

Adding insult to injury was that this marked the first game back for former Houston quarterback, Deshaun Watson. Although he had trouble shaking off 700 days worth of rust and did little of note in the outing, his mere presence created something of an uncomfortable dynamic.

One ESPN reporter even cried over it, only to then come under scrutiny from what Watson’s fans perceived to be as a provocative outfit choice.  A particularly interesting encounter that occurred in the lead-up to the game involved Watson and the wife of Texans owner, Cal McNair.

Whereas Cal briefly interacted with Watson, Hannah McNair went a different route:

NFL Twitter is comprised of a particularly vocal community. As such, it should come as little surprise that folks had some strong reactions to the video.


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