Texas Eatery Once Named a Tasty Dish After Patrick Mahomes With KC Twist

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Patrick Mahomes has established himself as one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL in a pretty short period of time. Seems like yesterday that the Kansas City Chiefs selected him as a first-round pick. He has won multiple honors in the five-and-a-half-season-long career so far. But none comes close to getting a tasty dish named after oneself.

An eatery in his hometown of Whitehouse, Texas, once named a dish after the Chiefs QB. And the name paid a tribute to Kansas City too.

A tribute to the Whitehouse boy

When Patrick Mahomes lifted the Super Bowl title with the Chiefs in 2019, a then-newly opened Montez Creekside Kitchen named a dish after the NFL MVP. The ‘Mahomes hot dog’ is made with a fried bun containing pulled pork, jalapeno, coleslaw, a fried egg and pickles. And the dish quickly became a speciality of the place.

“I actually got lucky and got to watch one of his games when I was a freshman, and he was a freak of nature,” Chef Esteban Villapudua, who has known Mahomes since high school, said at the time.

This is the kind of love people have for their boy. The dish became so hit with the customers that it enabled the eatery to establish itself in a few months. Just as Mahomes had established himself as a legend in Kansas City a few months earlier by lifting the Vince Lombardi. And he is going for it again this season.

The phenomenal Patrick Mahomes 

Along with Whitehouse, Patrick Mahomes’ adopted home, Kansas City, is also proud of its boy. The QB has led the Chiefs to two Super Bowls till now, winning the 2019 edition. And he may very well make it three in four years this season with the way he and the Chiefs are going. 

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The Kansas City franchise has clinched the AFC West title again, their seventh on the bounce. The team has a 12-3 record till Week 16 and is all set for another run to the Super Bowl. Mahomes is at the forefront of everything they do.

The QB leads the NFL in passing yardage and touchdown throws this season. And by every metric, he is in the conversation for the league MVP. But according to him, his eyes are set on the ultimate prize.

Can Mahomes make both his hometown and the adopted home proud again this season? Nobody should be surprised if he does.


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