“That Offense Was So Much Fun”: Travis Kelce Breaks Down How Patrick Mahomes and Chiefs Offense Have Improved After Tyreek Hill’s Departure

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Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs’ offense are without the services of former WR Tyreek Hill. Yet, they developed new methods to fill up his absence. It has worked for them so far in the league.

Chiefs teammate Travis Kelce explained how the former Super Bowl winners enhanced their offense after Hill joined Dolphins. “That offense was so much fun to play in. I think it keeps evolving into Pat’s strengths and coach Reid is making this year something that teams haven’t seen before. It’s still a question of how are these pieces going to work,” the 33 YO said, outlining the Mahomes-centric strategy of the Chiefs.

Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs are finding a balance without Hill

The former Super Bowl winners are ranked second in yards per game. Impressively, they are the top side in the points per game, yards per play, and points per drive. The scoring and efficiency rates have come down heavily in the NFL. However, the Chiefs are unaffected by these changes. They have found their rhythm and are in the race to the playoffs.

pat and hill

Meanwhile, Patrick Mahomes also raked up some impressive numbers in the new season. The 27 YO is climbing the MVP ladder where Josh Allen is his major opponent. Many fans believe Mahomes could have done further better with Hill. But they are happy that the team is faring well in the new season.

The experienced campaigner has amassed a league-best 961 receiving yards, putting him on a pace for an impressive 2042. He caught a game-high 12 passes for 188 yards against the Lions during the Week 8 encounter. The star has made his presence a blessing for his new team.

Earlier, Hill reassured the Chiefs fans that the offense will do well without him. The former Super Bowl winner said there are enough resources on the team. Hill’s words came before the start of the new season. “‘One-Five’ (Patrick Mahomes) — he’s still going to be great. ‘TK’ (Travis Kelce) is still going to be great. That whole team is still going to be great,” Hill said during the pre-season.

Mahomes and Co have moved on with clarity. They have set the message loud and clear. It is the team that matters, and not the individuals.


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