The curious campaign of an 80-year-old Chiefs fan who wants to meet Patrick Mahomes before she ‘croaks’

pm 80yr fan


Patrick Mahomes inspired his team to victory in the 2023 Super Bowl LVII. He played a vital role in the game which saw the Kansas City Chiefs narrowly, and for some ‘controversially’, defeat the Philadelphia Eagles.  Mahomes has also inspired fans far and wide with his incredible displays on the field. He’s consequently become one of the most popular players and well-known stars in the NFL and has amassed a huge following.

Among the hundreds of thousands of fans that are desperate to meet him is Kayren Spain. In fact, it’s possible that the 80-year-old American is the biggest super fanatic of them all.  Shortly after the Chiefs Super Bowl victory, Kayren opened a Twitter account and started a campaign with the goal of trying to meet her hero, Patrick Mahomes. Since the middle of last month, she’s been posting daily videos and tweets to try and spread her message and help it somehow reach Mahomes.

She’s now on to day 34 and as it’s become custom, posted her video pleading with social media that it works its magic and helps her “meet Patrick Homes” before she “croaks”  Despite hearing nothing from Mahomes so far and her Twitter page only having 45 followers, Kayren’s optimism has not been dampened, and she’s determined to keep going until she meets her idol.  She’s also active on YouTube too. Come on social media, do your thing! #HelpKayrenMeetPatrick… let’s get it trending.


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