“The First Day I Met Coach Reid…”: Patrick Mahomes Reveals Eventful Encounter That Made Him Chase Records as Chiefs Top QB

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Patrick Mahomes is leading his Kansas City Chiefs in a masterful fashion. The franchise looks to be on its way to another conference title and a potential third Super Bowl. And the entire credit goes to the Kansas offense led by quarterback sensation Pat Mahomes and his legendary tight end compatriot Travis Kelce. However, Mahomes could have ended up in an entirely different franchise.

On the New Heights Podcast with Jason and Travis Kelce, 27-year-old Pat Mahomes opened up on some spicy secrets back from when he was just a potential draft pick.

Before the draft, the Texas Tech QB had made some heads turn during the visits and the workouts. However, Mahomes’ mind was set on Kansas and he used some back doors to make that happen.

Even Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid had no idea about his future Super Bowl MVP quarterback and his ingenious plans to ensure his spot on the team. Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce was shocked when he heard Mahomes describe the master plan in detail.

What would be even more shocking for HC Reid when he finds out about this is that this was all happening right under his nose. With the help of his offensive coordinator, Matt Nagy.

Patrick Mahomes could have ended up with a rival franchise if not for his tenacity

Patrick Mahomes teamed up at Kansas with wide receiver Tyreek Hill and his TE Travis Kelce and won the franchise’s second Super Bowl after 50 years. However, things could have been very different, according to Mahomes.

Canon-arm Mahomes gave the inside scoop, saying, “The first day I met coach Reid was at the facility. Matt Nagy, who was the offensive coordinator then; he really liked me. So he gave me the plays they were gonna go over the night before. So ofcourse I crushed the meeting. I stayed up all night studying those plays.”


Not only did Mahomes have an advantage at the workouts, but he also gave a fair warning to Kansas that if they wanted him, they had to go for him. Patrick Mahomes had interest from some competing franchises and he let the Chiefs office know that. “At the time, I didn’t know about the Saints. But if you all let me go 12 or below, I’m gonna get drafted by someone else,” Pat had said.

Patrick Mahomes in a way drafted himself. And Travis Kelce loved Patrick’s desire to remain in Kansas. And they capitalized on their chemistry in the coming years.

This season, even after Tyreek left for the Miami Dolphins, things have remained steady. They are the no. 1 seeded team in the AFC on their way to the playoffs. Up next, Mahomes and Co. go up against Joe Burrow and the Bengals for a rematch of last year’s AFC Conference Championship.


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