The video that shows why Patrick Mahomes is the most competitive QB in the NFL

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We already know Patrick Mahomes is a competitive animal, he is amongst the top quarterbacks in the NFL from the last decade. Just last week, he managed to neutralize none other than Tom Brady andhis Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This weekend, his Kansas City Chiefs managed to scrap a one-point victory against the Raiders during Monday Night Football.

It was a close game but Patrick relishes these moments, he loves how fired up the contest can get for him and his teammates. A video that is circling online proves just how much he enjoys these small moments of fire in his belly. Once he gets locked in, there is very little opponents can do to stop him. The Chiefs got a reward from this moment that gave them a close victory.

What did Patrick Mahomes do?

With a little over three minutes left on the clock during the third quarter, The Chiefs scored a third touchdown through Travis Kelce. It was 23-20 still for the Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes was getting realy fired up. Right after that his team’s TD, the cameras caught the QB yelling at the Raiders’ bench.

He was clearly screaming: “I’m here,” to someone we still don’t know. But this was clearly a battlecry from the Chiefs’ QB to his opponents. The result? Kansas finished the game with a one-point win and a 4-1 record. After this specific moment, everybody thought Kansas would go on to score 50 points but the Raiders also played a decent game.

So far, the Chiefs have surprised everyone with their current 4-1 record as the Raiders have an exact opposite 1-4 record. Patrick Mahomes is a major component of this effective run, he has been the leader they require in a taime of need. This video proves why he is currently one of the best in the game. Very few quarterbacks can respond like this when pressure is at an all-time high during the game.


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