“They Would Be Lost Without Each Other”: Brittany Mahomes Gets NFL World Talking About How Much Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce ’Really Love Each Other”

mahommes and wife1

Sunday night football saw another Patrick Mahomes masterclass. The quarterback threw 3 touchdowns to teammate Travis Kelce as the Chiefs won by a narrow margin of three points. Post the game, Patrick’s wife Brittany Mahomes shared a picture of the Chiefs’ dynamic duo.

The picture was from a commercial and Chiefs fans absolutely love that the duo is a complete force together. They commented on how great this on and off-field chemistry between the two was.

Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce bromance is something special

The duo combined together for three touchdowns as they both put up heavy stats. Post their win, Patrick Mahomes’ wife, Brittany, was her usual chirpy self as she took to Twitter to post a picture of some off-field bromance between the duo that was tearing it up on the pitch. Fans got in on the action as they raved about this relationship.

This fan thinks that they need each other to complement their game and could have been lost without the other. 

This fan liked the timing of the commercial that flashed on her TV screen right after the duo won the game for the Chiefs.

This fan got to Kelce’s monetary benefit post this win.

This fan was all praises for Kelce.

It’s very evident that this off-field bromance has translated into on-field benefits as the duo has driven the Chiefs to be a force this year.

Kelce Krunch and Kelce clutch

Travis Kelce partnered with a local Kansas grocery store to launch his own cereal brand earlier this year. A special for Kansas fans, the cereal was available at their big grocery chain, Hy-Vee’s. The cereal comes as a purely philanthropic project, as proceeds from sales are meant for Kelce’s foundation. Mahomes and Kelce endorse the tight end’s cereal brand as it becomes a fan favorite in Kansas City.

pat and kelce

The Eighty-Seven and Running Foundation is Kelce’s way of giving back to the community that has given him so much. His foundation caters to providing equal opportunities to underprivileged youth and teaching them the critical skills of life. He is expected to raise close to $20,000 through this project.


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