Tom Brady Shrugs At Reports Linking Him To Other Teams



The Buccaneers play the Cowboys in the wild-card round on Monday night. If they lose, it will potentially be quarterback Tom Brady‘s final game with the team, given that he’s due to become a free agent.  There has been much speculation regarding Brady’s future. Will he retire? Will he play for the Buccaneers? Will he play for another team?

Former teammate Rodney Harrison recently interviewed Brady before a Christmas game on NBC. After the interview was televised, Harrison opined that Brady will play in 2023, but for a different team.  Reports and opinions have linked Brady to other teams. At the end of his Friday media availability, he was asked about it.  “What do you make of some of these reports now that are linking you to the Dolphins or the Raiders? You’re trying to lock in and focus on a football game,” the reporter said.  “What’s the question?” Brady replied.

“What do make of those reports, when you’re trying to lock in?”  “I don’t know,” Brady said. “You guys gotta write something new every day, so just wake up, try to show up and do my job.”  It’s not a denial. It’s not really anything. And that’s fine. Brady will be able to do whatever he wants in 2023. He can pick his next team. It can be any team. And it will be one of the biggest stories of the offseason.


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