Travis Kelce has message for Chiefs fans: ‘Do not touch the f—ing Rocky memorial’

Travis Kelce has message for Chiefs fans: 'Do not touch the f---ing Rocky memorial'


Fans have placed the jersey of Philadelphia Eagles opponents on the statue, and it ended badly for themKansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce has a message for Chiefs fans in the   Philadelphia area: Don’t dress the Rocky Balboa statue in a Chiefs jersey.  The statue in the image of actor Sylvester Stallone for his role in the original “Rocky” movie has worn jerseys from multiple teams opposing the Philadelphia Eagles. And it hasn’t worked out for those Eagles opponents.

Someone slipped a Minnesota Vikings jersey on the statue before the NFC championship game in 2018 that resulted in a 38-7 beatdown by Philly on their way to a Super Bowl title.  For this year’s playoffs, a New York Giants jersey and San Francisco 49ers jersey were found on the statue prior to games. The Eagles proceeded to beat the Giants, 38-7, in the divisional round and the 49ers, 31-7, in the NFC championship.  So, ahead of Super Bowl LVII between the Chiefs and Eagles, Kelce had a message for fans considering a Chiefs jersey for the statue.

“Chiefs [fans], do not touch the f—ing Rocky memorial. Do not do that. Definitely don’t put an 87 on there,” he said on his “New Heights” podcast alongside his brother and opponent in the Super Bowl, Jason Kelce.

The “Battle of the Kelces” has already been a big storyline this week  While they both are proud of each other for getting to this point of the season, those feels will go out the window next Sunday.  The Kelces understand how rare of a moment it is that two brothers will be playing in the same Super Bowl, but they prefer to focus on the teams.  “Appreciate you guys calling it the Kelce Bowl, but let’s focus on the Chiefs-Eagles, man,” Travis said.

However, it’s still a cool moment for the brothers to realize what’s actually going to happen at State Farm Stadium at kickoff.  “Did we think it was going to be both of us? I don’t know. I thought it could happen. But I didn’t ever really fully anticipate it happening until pretty much last week,” Jason said. “I was like, ‘Man, this could really happen. We could really have a ‘New Heights’ Kelce Bowl, and we could actually be doing this.'”

“Which is wild and kind of surreal,” the Kansas City tight end responded. “I feel like I’ve been getting asked this question my entire career. … My entire time, I’m like, that’s been the goal is to play my brother in the Super Bowl. Now that it’s actually happening, it’s like, ‘Man, it’s kinda sick.'”


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