Travis Kelce, Jason Kelce set to host Chiefs HC Andy Reid on ‘New Heights’ podcast



The New Heights podcast starring Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and his brother, Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce, has gained quite a following since its launch last year and is adored by fans who love getting the inside scoop on the duo’s thoughts.

On the show’s latest episode, which focused mainly on the NFL draft, the pair announced their guest for next week’s iteration of the podcast. After much fanfare near the end of the program, Travis and Jason revealed that Chiefs head coach Andy Reid would join them for a recording of what is sure to be one of the defining episodes in the young show’s catalog.

“While we were in Kansas City we finally got him,” Jason exclaimed. “The guy that I think Travis and I have been looking [forward to] getting on this podcast the most, we got Andy Reid. Big Red. The Walrus himself is in the building, and that episode is going to be dropping next week.”

Travis interjected with his own excitement after Jason’s initial announcement.  “I blacked out,” Travis said. “I’m going to be excited to watch this, I blacked out. I don’t even remember what we asked him.”

Fans will have to wait for the premier of this defining episode to get Reid’s take on the Chiefs’ offseason and the newfound fame of his top tight end on the New Heights podcast. If past shows are any indication, the Kelce brothers will coax out a new side of Reid that most listeners haven’t seen or heard in the veteran head coach. Their irreverent questions should provide plenty of laughs to all who watch the next chapter of the series.


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