Travis Kelce reveals the secrets to his chemistry with Patrick Mahomes in interview with former Chiefs QB Alex Smith

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The Kansas City Chiefs have been one of the most successful teams in the NFL since Patrick Mahomes became their quarterback in 2018. Mahomes has been instrumental in the team’s success, but he wouldn’t be as effective without the help of his receivers, especially All-Pro tight end Travis Kelce.

In an interview with former Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith on SiriusXM NFL Radio, Kelce discussed his relationship with Mahomes and how they function together within the Chiefs offense. Smith asked Kelce about their connection and how it has developed over time, and Kelce gave a detailed response, highlighting Mahomes’ ability to improvise and throw the ball anywhere on the field.

Kelce explained that the chemistry between him and Mahomes has been built over countless hours of practice and preparation in the offseason. “Going full speed, every single rep in the offseason and training camps. Those are all instincts that you build for in-game decisions,” he said.

He also spoke about the excitement that comes with broken-down plays and how Mahomes’ ability to improvise makes those situations more fun. “It’s really just backyard ball, you just go to the open spot and let Pat kind of throw you open,” Kelce said.

Smith helped to develop Kelce’s career

While Kelce has formed a legendary relationship with Mahomes, his rapport with Smith was equally deadly for opposing defenses before 2017. Smith played a key role in mentoring both Kelce and Mahomes during his time in Kansas City, and his impact on their trajectories cannot be overlooked.

In summary, Kelce’s interview sheds light on the chemistry between him and Mahomes and how they have developed such a deadly connection on the field. It also highlights the importance of practice and preparation in building that chemistry and the impact of mentors like Smith on rising stars in the NFL.


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