Video shows Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes pleading with Andy Reid to stay in Jaguars game


“I’m not coming out of a playoff game unless they take me out, and so I’m just going to play,” Mahomes told reporters after the game. “I love this sport too much, I love this game, I love playing with my teammates and being able to go out there and enjoy it together. We prepare all year to be in the playoffs and play in these games. I’m glad I was able to get back in the game.” This is a month old, but NFL Films shared video of Mahomes pleading his case with coach Andy Reid. This shows just how badly Mahomes wanted to stay in the game and have the ankle examined at halftime.

But Reid was insistent and Mahomes did as his coach instructed as he headed to the locker room while the game was being played. But not before Mahomes showed his fiery side.


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