Von Miller: Odell Beckham Jr. and Bills GM Brandon Beane have had direct talks



Odell Beckham Jr. probably feels like the belle of the ball as multiple teams are reportedly courting him as he prepares to take the field for the first time since Super Bowl LVI.  Beckham Jr. was expected to be cleared this week and the Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, Buffalo Bills and others have all expressed some level of interest in the wide receiver. At this point, the ball seems to be in OBJ’s court, but Bills pass rusher Von Miller has done everything possible to recruit Beckham Jr. to the Bills.

Miller’s pursuit on social media has been constant, but that is not all he has done in his pursuit of the receiver. In an interview on The Pivot Podcast, Miller revealed that he’s had Beckham Jr. talk directly with Bills GM Brandon Beane.  “I wouldn’t try to get him to come here if we didn’t have a chance,” said Miller. “I take a look at this team and I see a spot for ‘OBJ’. Not just on the field, but off the field. I see him having success, and not just team success…I’ve been recruiting him. I’ve gave him the spiel. I’ve had him on the phone with the General Manager. Beane sees it the same way that I see it. The ball is in ‘OBJ’s court. If he wants to come here, it’s because he wants to come here. He’s going to be happy because he made that choice for himself, and if he doesn’t, it’s all love. I’ll support him the same way I would if he’s here.”

Earlier this month, Beane admitted that it would be crazy not to look into the receiver.  “OBJ is a heck of a talent, you know, where he was drafted, obviously he had the great catch, and, you know, he might have been the MVP of that Super Bowl, does he not tear the ACL,” said Beane. “Really unfortunate for a lot of things for him to have to retear that, but he’s a heck of a player. Everybody in this room knows who OBJ is. And so, I don’t have to tell you guys, and again, you know me – if we think he can help this team, we’d be crazy not to at least look into it. And there’s – and if we did, you have to remember there’s financials, there’s roles, there’s all sorts of things that would all have to line up. But yeah, you can – a guy of his talent, of course, we would look into that.”

Regardless of what Beckham Jr. decides, Miller said that his relationship with the receiver won’t change.  “OBJ, that’s my brother,” Miller added. “I don’t think blood can make us any closer. We met in the 2014 Pro Bowl in Arizona and we just connected. We were able to see stuff from each other’s point of view. He had a lot of people trying to pull him this way and that way, and I was just trying to give him real advice. Over time, we earned each other’s trust. We went on tour with Drake in 2017, we stayed together overseas for about 40 nights, and we just built off of that.”


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