Von Miller’s girlfriend, an Instagram model, is pregnant with his second child


The relationship between Buffalo Bills defensive star Von Miller and his partner Megan Denise has been anything but smooth. In 2021, when she was pregnant with their first child, Megan complained that he wrote to her at one point that “I’m praying for a miscarriage.”

At the time, the Bills player posted on his IG stories that it’s all “fake news, the reality of someone leaving you makes some people literally go crazy. Classic cheating.” But now things have changed.

A controversial and intense relationship

After that, Miller called her a “terrible mother” on IG, and said she would not allow him to be a part of her child’s birth or life. A toxic relationship like thousands. That’s when they both started dating other people, but something happened that things started to get better.

So much that now Denise announced that she is pregnant again with the one-time MVP of Super Bowl 50: “Another year, another blessing. 2-9-2023. This year my day is about you bubba. Made the same baby twice. 9 weeks left to hold you VICTORIA B’VSEAN MILLER,” he wrote on his Instagram.

von babe

Miller will have time to be with her and be a good father

While the time comes for the birth, Von Miller will have time to dedicate to his partner and be with his daughter, as he hurt his knee and has a torn ACL, so he will not play with the Bills for the rest of the season.

Von Miller is in his first year with the Bills, after winning the Super Bowl the previous season with the Los Angeles Rams. Miller’s arrival in Buffalo was supposed to be instrumental in the Bills finally making it to the Super Bowl, so it remains to be seen how much his absence will affect the team.


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