Von Miller’s Postgame Comments Rubs Fans the Wrong Way

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The Buffalo Bills (6-3) dropped to third place in the AFC East following their overtime loss to the Minnesota Vikings (8-1) in Week 10, which is a sharp turn of events for the team touted as the Super Bowl favorite since the preseason.

While Bills quarterback Josh Allen was visibly upset during his postgame press conference on Sunday, November 13, taking full responsibility for his several costly mistakes, Von Miller took a very different approach while talking to the media after what was arguably the most disappointing upset of the regular season.

“I’ve been here before. You’re not going to hear any panic from me,” Miller said. “I like the position that we’re in. You want to be tested going into the later months. I’m twelve years in, I was just here last year… My perspective is like, I had fun today. Today was a crazy game. These are one of the games I’ll talk to my son about when he’s researching and says, ‘Dad, how’d you lose that one?’”

“And I’ll have to sit him down and be like ‘Man, hey. We stopped on them on the goal line and we fumbled it. Went into overtime,” the 34-veteran added with a smile. “Definitely not any panic from me.”

Between Allen’s somber mood and safety Cam Lewis’ emotional reaction to his fourth-quarter miscue, the $120 million edge rusher’s upbeat comments did not sit well with the bulk of Bills Mafia, who had zero fun watching their team blow a 17-point lead in the fourth quarter before choking in overtime. One fan tweeted, “Fun? Fun watching Miami lead the division. We are NOT having fun VON! while another person wrote, “If I had your money I’d say the same thing lol.”

One fan responded, “Nice that he had fun, he already has his rings. We’ll never get one,” while another person surmised, “Already having two Super Bowl rings will keep you chill.”

However, there were some fans who appreciated Miller’s calm demeanor and his veteran point of view. One person tweeted, “This is the attitude they need. From the coach down, Composure and smart football is how they get back to winning games,” while another person wrote, “That’s a #leader whose been there done that. Back to work, it’s a #marathon #BillsMafia.”

Miller Said, ‘I Pray & Hope’ Teams Think They Have Us Figured Out

While hearing the word “fun” was triggering for many fans, Miller continued on to say that his goal this week is to keep his team motivated and not let this loss drag everyone down.  “I think it starts with me,” he said. “I just got such a firm belief in what I’m able to do on the football field, a firm belief in the type of leader I am and how I can get them to see the right perspective on how we should go week in and week out. We got a great team, we just lost.”

Thus far this season, Miller has recorded eight sacks and 16 solo tackles, and he takes his role as team captain just as seriously as his on-field performance.

“I pray and I hope that guys think they have us figured out because that’s a bad place to be in. We got a great team. We’re battling through some injuries right now, and I’m not making any excuses for anything like that — hats off to the Minnesota Vikings. They came in a beat us. But this is good medicine, man. I’m excited to come into the facility on Wednesday… and be a light in the locker and a light to my teammates. We’re in a good spot. We’re 6-3 and we got a long season to go.

“One win can destroy a team, one loss can destroy a team. That’s just not us. I promise that’s not going to be us… I hope and pray the media counts us out because good.”

The Bills Remain Huge Favorites to Beat the Browns in Week 11

Buffalo will have a chance to turn things around when they host the Cleveland Browns at Highmark Stadium on Sunday, November 20. Following two consecutive losses and a steep drop in the division, the Bills are still deemed 8.5-point favorites to win.

One person who’s already looking forward to a fresh start next week is Allen. While the 26-year-old admitted reviewing film of the Vikings’ loss is “gonna suck watching,” he added, “Only way’s forward. We gotta find a way to put this behind [us] and not let it affect our next one.”


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