Wanya Morris NFL Draft: Relive Kansas City OL’s Incredible Journey From Sleeping in a Car to Joining Patrick Mahomes’ Chiefs

Wanya Morris


For some athletes, getting a spot in the 2023 NFL draft happens to be a progressive step in their fortunate and successful lives; however, for players like Wanya Morris, the reality is much different. All those years of hardships and struggles finally bore fruit as he entered the grand stage of Pro football. While the youngster stands on the pinnacle of success, his childhood stories and sacrifices made by his mother touched several hearts.

The 22-year-old offensive lineman was selected by the Kansas City Chiefs in the third round as the 92nd overall pick. He played for the Tennessee Volunteers in the initial years of college football and shifted to Oklahoma for the last two seasons. Not to mention, he was a consensus five-star recruit, attracting interest from almost all schools in the country.

Wanya Morris leaves fans teary-eyed with his heart-wrenching story

The NFL draft is known for changing lives, and this notion was justified after Morris found a place in Kansas City. He can now call KC his new home, and getting picked by the Super Bowl champions and Patrick Mahomes’ squad is an achievement. The sense of fulfillment, this youngster felt after his name was announced was on a whole different level.

Fans recalled the story he narrated a few days ago about his childhood struggles and family. “We weren’t the wealthiest people, there were times when we had to sleep in our cars and things like that, but you would never really know that because our mum did such a good job of providing for us,” Morris said, per Sky Sports.

Despite all these setbacks, his positive mindset to make the best out of adversities helped him reach great heights. “We wouldn’t have the most money, sometimes we would go to Centennial Park and run around the park in the dark at 12 at night and maybe stop at Denny’s or Waffle House. It was little things that make you take your mind off things.” he added.

Indeed, the success he enjoys today is the result of all those hardships, and certainly he deserves to be at the top. Morris is a giant, weighing 307 pounds and having a height of 6’5″. He mesmerized everyone with his combine day drills and already plans to take on big guys like Micah Parsons once he enters the arena.


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