WATCH: Patrick Mahomes on GMA from Disneyland

pm at disney


For the second time in his career, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes got to visit a Disney theme park — this time, California’s original Disneyland — on the day after the Super Bowl.  Not a bad deal for a young man with two growing kids, right?

While he was there, ABC News reporter Will Reeve caught up with Mahomes for an interview that aired on the network’s “Good Morning America” show on Tuesday morning.

As the interview was drawing to a close, Reeve reminded Mahomes that Super Bowl LVIII will be held at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas on February 11, 2024 — and wanted to know where Mahomes planned to be on February 12.

“I’m trying to be in one of these Disney parks,” said Mahomes. “So I’m gonna try to try to do whatever I can to work my tail off to win another Super Bowl. Then we’ll meet again.”

All in favor of the Mahomes family getting another Disney vacation… raise your hand.


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