Who Is the Woman Who Supported Andy Reid Throughout His Legendary Career? The Cute Story Behind The Couple’s First Date

Andy Reid & wife


Many hail the Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid as one of the most impressive and talented coaches in the league’s history. When he graduated from BYU, he joined the coaching team. Hence, the man has been in football since 1981. But it was in 1992 that he started his career in the NFL. Initially, the Packers made him their assistant offensive line and tight ends coach.

Then he became the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles till 2012. And currently employed by the Chiefs.  With the Chiefs, the 64-year-old won his only Super Bowl in 2019. Throughout his arduous journey, one person has always been by his side: his wife, Tammy Reid.

Here’s more about the lady love of Andy Reid

Tammy was born in 1959. She is only a year younger than her husband. It was in Utah that she spent most of her childhood. Then she moved to Brigham Young University to study physics and pursue a career in teaching. The coach was getting his education in Physical Education.

They had a meet-cute moment when they met during a PE class in 1981. The two hit it off right from the beginning. Although Andy took some time, it was not long before they decided to dedicate themselves to each other.  They tied the knot in August 1981 and have always been together since. For the first few years of their marriage, Tammy worked as a teacher. But after his coaching career gained traction, Tammy discontinued her teaching career.

The cute story behind the couple’s first date

As mentioned before, Tammy and Andy met each in a PE class. They both had signed up for tennis. Tammy considered herself to be a skilled tennis player, but Andy beat her to it. She wanted her future husband to ask her out on a date, but as said earlier, Andy took his time with the call. However, she bragged she was a pro at racquetball. Tammy did that so that Andy would play against her. He won the game and after exchanging some words, the former Packers coach finally asked her.

They went to watch a movie. And from then on, the two became quite serious about their relationship. But they wanted to graduate before getting married, which they did in 1981. She spent the next fourteen years going college to college while her husband could get a respectable coaching job. Therefore, we can definitely say that she has been a rock throughout his whole life and supported him through thick and thin


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