Why did Patrick Mahomes say the ‘NFL is going to be wild this next week?’

patrick mahomes and juju smith schuster


kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes left NFL Twitter scrambling for answers after his cryptic message on Sunday made it seem like he knows something that everyone else has yet to decipher.  Mahomes, 27, tweeted his comment shortly after the Los Angeles Rams traded cornerback Jalen Ramsey to the Miami Dolphins.  “NFL is going to be wild this next week,” Mahomes tweeted.

He added a couple of popcorn bucket emojis to signify that he’ll be enjoying every moment of this upcoming week.  Mahomes gave no other indication of what he was talking about, but some context clues make it clear that he’s referencing the start of the new league year on Wednesday.

Top NFL free agent moves

Teams can begin signing free agent talent as soon as the new NFL year commences. They’re able to start negotiations with players two days prior.  Some top free agents likely to sign with a team this next week is wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., WR Adam Thielen, quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo and many more.

Mahomes is ready to see what AFC rivals such as the Dolphins will do to hopefully get a shot at beating him and the Chiefs.  The reigning league MVP and defending champion just has to sit back and watch as the start of the upcoming NFL year delivers some shocking headlines. One of the most highly-anticipated moves this offseason also involves a legendary QB.


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