Wife Brittany Had Just Two Words To Say Looking Back At The Day Chiefs Drafted Patrick Mahomes


Patrick Mahomes has been lucky to have the constant support of the wonderful women in his life. He has a staunch supporter in his mother. She remains to be the kind of supporter that expresses a dotting mother’s concern. Furthermore, the other person that Mahomes has received a lot of support from has been his wife, Brittany Mahomes.

Brittany has never missed an opportunity to showcase her support for her husband. Even during the Super Bowl, she was one of his biggest cheerleaders. She recently went on to showcase her love for her husband. Brittany took to social media to share an image on her Instagram story that would bring about a huge wave of emotions not just for her, but also for the whole of Chief’s nation.

The loving support Patrick Mahomes received from his wife

It has been no secret that the QB’s wife has been his biggest supporter of all time. Whether it’s attending games, showcasing his brilliance as a new father, or defending her husband on Twitter, Brittany does it all. And she went on to showcase to fans once more the kind of love she holds for her champion husband. She took to Instagram to share an old picture that has been recently posted by the official Kansas City Chiefs account.


The picture was of a younger Patrick Mahomes getting drafted and holding his jersey. Interestingly, this came close to the draft date. Furthermore, Brittany took to Instagram stories to caption the picture with the following words: “Everything changed.” The wholesome gesture showcased her belief and support in her husband and his highly successful career with the Chiefs.

Furthermore, Brittany has been an avid supporter of her husband’s style of play even on Twitter. She has taken to the social media platform multiple times in the past to showcase the affection and pride she has for her husband.

Brittany’s continuous support for Mahomes

The QB’s wife was almost beside herself when her husband won the Super Bowl. She had gone on Twitter with a barrage of photos and celebratory posts to congratulate Mahomes. The gesture had been very adorable. In addition to this, the mother of 2 was also actually present and livid with excitement at the Super Bowl in Arizona.

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All in all, Brittany has been the biggest rock of support in Mahomes’ corner. It is safe to assume she will be equally supportive of her QB husband in the upcoming season, and celebrate all his achievements.


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