“You Got the Pregnant Woman at Home”: Patrick Mahomes Reveals How He Dealt With Brittany Mahomes’ Frustrations During Chiefs’ Recent Win

pm & wife


Last Sunday, Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs beat the Chargers in a close encounter. In that game, Mahomes played exceptionally well to get the win for his team. However, his wife Brittany was not very happy sitting at home, as she is currently expecting a baby.

In a recent interview, Mahomes revealed that Brittany was craving pizza during the game. Unfortunately, she did not get it in time, which made her really angry, as she live-tweeted during the game.

Patrick Mahomes talks about his wife Brittany’s pizza cravings

It’s quite natural to have food cravings during pregnancy. Hence, Brittany was having some pizza cravings during the game between the Chiefs and the Chargers. But it got delayed by nearly 2 hours, as she tweeted, “I ordered a pizza an hour & a half ago, still ain’t got it… KC we all eating pizza tonight or what?“

Later, Mahomes revealed in an interview, “She got her pizza. She wasn’t very happy,'[She] got it like two hours after she ordered it, and when you got the pregnant woman at home, and she’s not getting her food, she’s never going to be happy.“

“I’m glad she got it eventually… We had someone run to the store and get it for her,” Mahomes further revealed how she got her pizza. It is worth noting that, earlier in May, Brittany and Patrick made an announcement about their second baby. Later in June, they revealed that they will have a baby boy. In a recent Instagram post, Brittany shared some beautiful pictures of her and her daughter Sterling, as they are expecting a baby boy anytime soon.

The Chiefs on their 8th game of the season this Sunday

While Brittany is at home, Mahomes is doing a pretty great job on the field. This Sunday, he threw 329 yards for 3 touchdowns, which helped the Chiefs beat the Chargers by 30-27. Apart from Mahomes, Travis Kelce also showed his tremendous football prowess as he scored three touchdowns.

pm vs chargres

Notably, this was the Chiefs’ 8th win overall this season. With 8 wins and 3 losses, they are maintaining their top position in the AFC West division. Certainly, they are looking like one of the teams to beat this season; also many consider them favorites for the Super Bowl. Right now, they have one foot already in the playoffs. It will be interesting to see if they can go all the way this season.


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