“Your Brother Choked”: Andy Reid Hilariously Destroys Patrick Mahomes’ Favorite TE Travis Kelce for Botching Up the “Black Pearl” Play



The Kansas City Chiefs often mesmerize their fans with creative red zone plays, and the mastermind behind these impressive moves is none other than Andy Reid. Quarterback Patrick Mahomes and tight end Travis Kelce have also played a fair share in developing such interesting variations. While some of them derived awesome results, a few failed miserably. One of them happens to be the iconic black pearl, which turned out to be a terrible blunder at the hands of Kelce. Till date, Reid never shies away from bashing Mahomes’ favorite Tight End for missing the touchdown due to a poor throw.

This topic became a center of discussion recently in the New Heights podcast when the Kelce brothers had a fun session with Andy Reid. They talked about a wide range of topics, including their personal and professional careers. That’s when Reid pointed out the black pearl drama. He also revealed that it was one of the reasons why the eight-time Pro Bowler could never become a quarterback.

Andy Reid playfully bashes Travis Kelce for a failed touchdown throw

The Chiefs often pull out their patented plays during crucial times. Having a quarterback like Patrick Mahomes at the center, it is easy to execute them. However, the black pearl play went terribly wrong for them during a 2020 regular season game against the Buccaneers. While speaking about it on the podcast, Reid told Jason Kelce that his brother was a terrible passer.

Travis tried to stop him and justify his fumble, but the coach didn’t let him intervene and told Jason, “your brother choked.” Reid went on to explain the exact plot of this creativity and said Travis had two options. He could have caught the catch from Mahomes or either thrown the pass. He chose the latter one and tried to pass while running toward the right corner.

The ball deflected and couldn’t reach the receiver. He passed into the wrong hands and lost a chance to score the touchdown. Coach Reid teased his tight end, saying that he couldn’t sling it five yards and should have run the ball instead. Overall, it became an embarrassing moment in Kelce’s career because he had actually played quarterback in high school and his initial years of college.

Being a Tight End was a ‘Plan B’ for Travis Kelce

Growing up, Travis always wanted to lead the offensive unit by slinging the ball. But his massive physique (6-foot-6, 235-pounds) made him a favorite to become a tight end or a defensive end. He took his passion to Cleveland Heights High School and played quarterback for the team.

Later he became the signal-caller for the University of Cincinnati under coach Brian Kelly. “I knew that a lot of teams wanted me to be a tight end, D-end, outside linebacker type of mix,” Kelce once said in an interview, per The New York Post.

“They really didn’t see me playing quarterback. I at least wanted to go somewhere that I was given a chance. Cincinnati gave me that chance for sure. I knew [tight end] was Plan B for   In the later stages of his college career, Kelce played tight end and took his game to a whole new level. The rest, as they say, is history!


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