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Breaking News : Travis Kelce nude videos with his EX-Girlfriend on a Beach has gone viral, leaving Taylor Swift in Tears..



Travis Kelce is all over the internet, but this time, it’s not along Taylor Swift. Social media, especially X (formerly Twitter), is in a frenzy over provocative images featuring the Kansas City Chiefs player with his ex-girlfriend.

Opinions are divided about the steamy images that quickly went viral. Some insist it’s really cruel that such an intimate video of Kayla Nicole and Travis has garnered so many views so quickly, knowing she is part of Travis’s past

Fans of the singer argue in the comments that Travis has every right to have a past, as what truly matters now is who is in his present. They point out that Taylor Swift has also had other relationships before Travis and firmly state that it’s normal, questioning the uproar over an old video.

Since 2023, Kelce and Taylor have been dating, and it seems to be going better than just well. Despite some controversy surrounding his past relationship with Nicole, both have been “Swift” to dismiss any discussions on that matter

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