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Exclusive: Travis Kelce lays out his priorities as Burnley and Wrexham battle for his love.



Exclusive: Travis Kelce lays out his priorities as Burnley and Wrexham battle for his love.

Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce has revealed his desire to take a trip to Wales to watch Wrexham AFC, but only if he can stay loyal to former NFL player JJ Watt and also check out Burnley. Kelce has a connection with Hollywood owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, and the Chiefs’ recent addition of Welshman Louis Rees-Zammit has convinced the tight end that it’s finally time.

Kelce has a major interest in golf and also is an investor in Formula 1 team Alpine. But the Chiefs star is a major fan of all sports, attending MLB and NBA games in his spare time, with football seemingly next on the list.

The Chiefs recently signed former Gloucester and Wales rugby star Rees-Zammit through the NFL International Pathway Program (IPP), with the electric 23-year-old impressing in testing at the NFL Combine. As a Welshman, Rees-Zammit has clearly convinced Kelce to visit his country and finally see what Wrexham is all about.

“I’m not gonna lie I really do wanna go to a game, man,” Kelce told brother Jason on their most recent episode of the New Heights podcast. “Have you been following Wrexham at all?” Travis then asked his brother.

“I’m a big Wales guy. I follow all of it,” Jason joked in response. We’ve been meaning to get out there for a game. I mean listen, you haven’t got to talk me to go overseas, jump the pond and watch some football.

“I’m in, sounds like a blast,” Jason concluded. Travis’ brother has also met Rees-Zammit and joked in their podcast that Welsh people were ‘posh’ and ‘beautiful’ based on his interaction with the former rugby star.

Wrexham has gone from an historic football team in the north of Wales, treading water in the fifth division, to a global phenomenon due to the influence of Reynolds and McElhenney. The Hollywood owners have now overseen two promotions after ending their 15-year wait for EFL football, and they’ll be in League One next season.

“Both these dudes are just the ——– best aren’t they, McElhenney and Ryan dude… they just don’t make them any better man,” Travis added about the Wrexham owners. “And happy as hell for them, because they’ve taken Wrexham and got them promoted, taken them to New Heights!

“The guys on the field are the ones doing the work, so you wanna make sure you pump them up and shout them out. But they are huge in making sure everyone is aware of what’s going on there in Wrexham, and it’s fun to follow them on the other side of the world. So we’ll definitely try and make a game baby. We’ve gotta get out there.”

The off-field success of hit docuseries Welcome to Wrexham has also seen them gain thousands of fans overseas, many of which turned out to support the team when they conducted their first ever US tour last summer. The goal is clear for Reynolds and McElhenney, to get Wrexham to the Premier League, a division where JJ Watt’s team currently play.

Watt, former Houston Texans and Arizona Cardinals defensive end, invested in Burnley alongside his wife Kealia before they were promoted from the Championship to the Premier League. Kelce also wants to check out Watt’s team if he heads to the UK, as he said: “We’ve gotta check out JJ Watt though, we can’t play favourites.

“JJ Watt’s got a football club over there. Who doesn’t wanna see the best football in the world? So JJ we’ve gotta come and check you out too.

“Appreciate the jersey and hat, and we’ll make sure we wear it if we ever come to a game brother.” With Wrexham’s campaign already over, and Burnley’s ending in a matter of weeks, Kelce may have to wait until next season to watch both sides play.

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