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Fury in Spain over forthcoming Taylor Swift concerts at Real Madrid’s stadium as locals say the Bernabeu is staging too many ‘unbearable’ loud gigs ‘with bad acoustics’



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The show of the season, however, will undoubtedly be Taylor Swift‘s, with the Blank Space hitmaker’s performances set to span over two days later this week, as she makes her next stop on the European leg of her highly-acclaimed ‘Eras Tour.’

With a few days to go before the big show, excitement amongst Swifties in the Spanish capital is mounting.

But, the enthusiasm is not shared amongst the residents of the Bernabeu neighbourhood, located in Madrid’s Chamartin district.

They claim that recent concerts have been unbearably loud, with some saying that the noise exceeds the permitted decibels.

Local resident Patricia Barnuevo, 24, said that concerts are ‘proving to be more harmful than expected.’

‘It means there are more crowds, there’s noise coming from the area every day, and it draws away from the roots of the stadium itself’.

‘It was built to create a community for Real Madrid fans and football supporters, and now that traditional aspect of it is being removed.’

She added that new issues are being presented due to the higher recurrence of concerts at the stadium, with soundchecks during the day disrupting class times for students in the surrounding schools.

Barnuevo also expressed that the local area is not prepared for the magnitude of what is the Eras Tour phenomenon.

‘People fear, myself included, what will happen, because when a lot of people come together, it can cause a lot of overcrowding.’

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