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OMG!!!…Taylor Swift fans outraged after pic of baby on concert floor in Paris goes viral…



There is somebody, unidentified, stood over the baby in the picture but it is not clear of they are a parent or guardian, or a concerned member of the public.

“Not to be one of those people but I would genuinely call security if I saw a baby in the pit because it is NOT safe there,” the user captioned the photo.

It was later clarified that the picture did not belong to the social media user in question, but it quickly went viral and fans are far from pleased about it.

Fans fear for the child’s safety
If it even needs saying, a loud concert is no place for an infant and can cause serious damage to their ears, and being placed on the floor with adults dancing nearby who won’t expect a child on the floor is incredibly dangerous.

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“As a mom of a baby that’s about this size, I couldn’t imagine being them into a concert at all. I understand sitters are hard to find, so if you really needed to bring them, you shouldn’t be in the pit. you should have a carrier for them, and the baby needs ear protection,” someone tweeted.

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