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Shocking News : Real Madrid made a Whooping profit of $330 million from hosting Taylor Swift concert.



The Santiago Bernabeu was designed as a world-class stadium on all fronts. Its design and versatility make the Madrid stadium a modern facility, able to compete with the very best venues in football and other events.

It has shown its class already with many concerts, but Taylor Swift’s concert has put it in the world spotlight, allowing the venue to demonstrate its immense profitability

is no secret that this type of event generates economic benefit for Real Madrid, but the exact numbers are astonishing. As defensacentral have reported, Taylor Swift’s concert will produce as much as nine million euros. Florentino Perez’s club reached an agreement with Sixth Street and Legends Hospitality, agreeing that 70 percent of the turnover of events would go to Los Blancos.

The total income from Taylor Swift’s concerts in the Spanish capital is 13 million euros, so if we apply 70 percent, we get 9.1 million euros, the final figure that Real Madrid will welcome. The events at the Santiago Bernabéu are proving to be very profitable for Real Madrid, and they suggest a great outlook looking ahead to future years.

Beyond the 70-30 split that Real Madrid agreed between Sixth Street and Legends Hospitality, the deal involved a 360 million euros payment, which was also a huge financial boost. Concerts such as Taylor Swift’s show how everyone is already benefiting from the deal.

In May 2022, Florentino Pérez predicted at the presentation of the agreement that the partnership would be highly profitable for the club. He said: “The transformation of the Santiago Bernabéu stadium will mark a before and after in the history of Real Madrid. This alliance with Sixth Street and Legends, world leaders in their respective disciplines, will be fundamental to offer unique experiences.”

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