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Taylor Swift’s greedy tactics against other artists exposed by Billie Eilish



This goes to all Swifties who think Taylor Swift wouldn’t hurt a fly, she has demonstrated to have greedy tactics and is a ruthless competitor in the music space. There are other artists who have already taken note of this behavior that we still can’t figure out if it’s Swift’s initiative or her record label. What happens is that apparently, Taylor Swift goes out of her way to release new stuff from her already released albums in order to make people spend money on her. The main issue here is that Swift is making these releases of new album versions with exclusive or collectible stuff just before one of her competitors is about to rop new music. People like Billie Eilish or Charli XCX have already complained.

Eilish knows that mentioning Taylor Swift by name would place all of her Swifties against her, and she just doesn’t have the time for drama. But during an interview with Billboard, Eilish did sound off the alarm and left a diss to Taylor Swift about her questionable practices. Notice how Billie didn’t name drop Taylor but there are many of Eilish’s fans who called her out for it. She said: “I find it really frustrating as someone who tries to be sustainable.Then you see some of the biggest artists in the world making 40 different vinyl packages with unique features just to get you to buy more.”

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