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Travis Kelce was caught on a date with Olivia Dunne which has now sparked a frenzy among Swifties…



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LSU gymnastics star Olivia Dunne and Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce recently teamed up for a unique collaboration that surprised fans. Both athletes respectively teach each other some moves.

The chemistry between Olivia and Travis is undeniable. The viral moment was captured in a clip where they share what they do best

Watching Travis try gymnastics moves and Olivia learn how to catch a football is a perfect display of how a passion for sports can unite outstanding athletes in the world of sports.

In the video commercial for a popular energy drink Olivia begins by saying “All right, Travis, I’m gonna show you some gymnastics. If you show me some football, I’m terrified.” To which Travis responds with humor: “Something tells me you’re better at football than I am at gymnastics. You should be scared.”

Olivia teaches Travis how to perform a perfect landing in gymnastics, telling him: “So you land like this. So and scream. All right, here we go. So we stick it. Salute.” Travis, for his part, shows Olivia the correct technique for catching a football: “The way you want to catch a football is what they call with a diamond. You wanna make a diamond with those two fingers but you, you want to do it with your elbows tight so that you can get all of that surface area on the football.”

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