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BREAKING NEWS: Travis Kelce Proposes to Taylor Swift with a $7 Million Ring.



The proposal reportedly took place in a private and intimate setting, with close friends and family present to share in the joyous occasion. Details about the exact moment and location are still emerging, but sources close to the couple describe it as a deeply emotional and unforgettable experience.

The couple took a big step in their romance over Easter weekend 2024, with Travis reportedly introducing his three nieces to Swift in Pennsylvania.

However, a viral TikTok dropped on April Fool’s Day mentioning a “Travis Kelce cheating scandal” appears to have left some Swift fans bemused.

A TikTok by user xtra_abigator, posted on April 1, 2024, viewed 686,200 times, included the title “Alleged Travis Kelce Cheating on Taylor Swift Allegations ???? This has to be a joke 💀” and the heading “Travis Kelce cheating scandal this has to be a joke right.”

In the post, user xtra_abigator referred to another TikTok by influencer Mikey Angelo, also posted on April 1, 2024, viewed 19 million times, in which he said in March: “Travis Kelce cheating scandal [was] just announced.”

“If this man was to cheat on Taylor Swift, like, I don’t think he would recover. I don’t think that he would be able to show his face in the media ever again,” xtra_abigator said.

“Like great that he bought a new, whatever, mansion so they could, like, hang out together.

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